User friendly HPLC - new functionality of LP-chrom software

Controlling laboratory equipment with specialist software is a challenge even for experienced researchers. The possibility of using even simple electronics is limited because of complicated software crated by IT specialists. To overcome those problems a new user friendly software for chromatography has been created. LP-chrom is an intuitive and easy handled software? that allows collecting data from commonly used detectors in the gas and liquid chromatography. Performance of the software is restricted not only to collecting data, as it enables controlling whole HPLC systems, as well.

What do the HPLC operators expect? At first, the simplicity of handling and from the analysis to be fast with good resolution and easily interpreted.

Program main window

LP-chrom chromatography software main window The LP-chrom window has a clear layout including chromatogram preview, status window and 10 main icons allowing to work with even sophisticated HPLC systems. The icons allow to control main functions of the program, method creating, flow control, printing and peak integration. Appearance of the graphical interface, colours and resolution can be adjusted to user’s preferences.

Easy control

Working with HPLC using LP-chrom is simply a child’s play. To start, simply choose the flow rate and eluents proportion and press “Apply” button. During the whole run the plot of detector signal can be observed by “Preview” option. Current status of the HPLC system, including: detector signal, pressure, flow rate and eluents ratio is visible in the status window (it can be turned off when needed).

Creating method

Method for analysis (including preparative separations) is controlled by a tabular system. In the table the user creates every step of analyses then types in: flow rate, ratio of eluents and that’s all he/she can do to start working. With routine separations the protocol can be saved in the system if desired.

Let’s start!

LP-chrom HPLC software
After the method has been crated or chosen from a predefined one, before the run the “start” button has to be pressed. Then the window appears allowing to choose file destination, labelling of the chromatogram even with multiple samples (when working with an autosampler) and more useful options including stop flow after the separation.

Signal integration

Signals at the chromatogram can be elaborated in two ways: either automatically or as defined by user. Parameters for integration can by adjusted in real time by a handy slider system.


The software enables printing chromatograms in any form, either with integration or without it. Possible options allow to print out the chromatogram, tabular data or both. Type of data presented in the tables can be modified to suite user’s preference.

Chromatograms overlay

HPLC chromatograms The program allows to overlay chromatograms, the option accessible at every time, even during the analysis. Saved plots can also be opened in separate windows.

HPLC control using phone or tablet

Big icons and clear layout of the program windows ideally fit tablet’s touch screen. Low hardware requirements allow it to be fully functional even with cheap mobile devices.

LP-chrom controls Beckman

LP-chrom is only a single software capable to control Beckman HPLC systems. It communicates and controls detectors (calibration, wavelength changes) and pumps with solvent selectors and flow calibration.

LP-chrom offers still more…

The mentioned options do not fully describe LP-chrom possibilities, and all of its features would certainly satisfy most of requirements of professional users. The software has constantly been developed, so more and more options will be added.

Main functions:

  • simplicity of usage
  • low hardware requirements
  • no additional hardware installed in PC is needed
  • ability to use equipment from different manufacturers
  • tablet- or phone-compatible
  • Beckman, Knauer, Kontron and other HPLC systems can be controlled by LP-chrom
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