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Custom peptide synthesis

peptide synthesis

Lipopharm.pl laboratory offers custom peptide synthesis. Over 13 years of experience of Lipopharm.pl in the field of syntheses ensure fast and timely delivery of peptides on a scale from 2 mg to gram quantities and purity even about 97%.

The peptides are obtained on solid support using Fmoc or Boc strategy. Long peptides (up to 30-40 amino acid residues long) are obtained using modern microwave peptide synthesizers. Large scale peptide synthesis is performed manually using Skiller 1 and Skiller 4 equipment.

The peptides are purified using chromatographic methods (mainly RP-HPLC). In special cases, size exclusion chromatography and ion chromatography are used. To each peptide both HPLC chromatogram (purity) and mass spectra (identity confirmation) are attached.

The peptides are obtained in the form of trifluoroacetate salts. It is possible to order peptides in the form of an acetate salt or hydrochloride. The successful conversion into the corresponding salt is confirmed by an ion chromatograph.


Typical peptide modifications:

C-terminal amidation,
- N-terminal acetylation,
- acylation with fatty acid,
- N-C cyclization,
- multiple disulfide bonds,
- biotinylation,
- pegylation,
- labeling with fluorescent dyes (FITC, RhB, ...),
- D-amino acids,
- isotope-labeled amino acids,
- phosphorylated amino acids.


Each order is priced individually. Price depends on quantity, purity and the complexity of the structure and properties of peptides. The waiting time is usually form 7 to 14 days. It is possible to deliver peptides in the express mode, even within 2-3 days.


Kamush Skiller

Nov 12

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Nov 11

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