Laboratory products
for peptide synthesis

Solid-phase peptide synthesis vessel for paralel synthesis

Peptide synthesis vessel
Peptide synthesis vessel
Laboratory vessel for peptide synthesis
Reactor for peptide synthesis

Cat. Vol (ml) l (mm) Φ (mm) Thread
PVP2x03 2x3 2x22 16 GL14
PVP2x10 2x10 2x35 22 GL18
PVP2x25 2x25 2x40 28 GL18
PVP2x50 2x50 2x50 40 GL25

*price with cap
**availability 2 weeks

All vessels in standard with G2 glass filter and 6.35mm (1/4) glass tube outlets. For other configuration see picture (types 1-4)

Type 1 6.35 mm tube outlets
Type 2 8 mm tube outlets
Type 3 PTFE valve outlets
Type 4 PTFE valve outlet


  • Rich base of modifications
  • Simple usage
  • Non-protein amino acids available

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