Laboratory products
for peptide synthesis

Large-scale solid-phase peptide reactors

large-scale vessel
large-scale reactor

Cat. Volume (ml) OD (mm) Thread Price* (EUR)
PVR0250 250 70 GL45 e-mail
PVR0500 500 88 GL45 e-mail
PVR1000 1000 80 GLS80 e-mail
PVR2000 2000 100 GLS80 e-mail
PVR3000 2000 130 GLS80 e-mail

*price with cap
**availability 2-3 weeks

Filter diameters: 250 ml GL45: 40 mm, 500 ml GL45: 50 mm

Double threated glass reactors need filter/valve adapter

Note: Sizes may vary among different production lots of the same item.



  • Rich base of modifications
  • Simple usage
  • Non-protein amino acids available

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