Up to 5x faster peptide synthesis

Discover our heating clamps and Kamush Skiller equipment and save your time

Round flask for solid-phase synthesis

Peptide synthesis vessel
Peptide synthesis vessel

Cat. volume (ml) Φ (mm) ground price* (EUR) stock
PVF0250 250 85 29/32 e-mail - **
PVF0500 500 100 29/32 e-mail - **
PVF1000 1000 130 29/32 e-mail - **
PVF2000 2000 160 29/32 e-mail - **

*price with cap
**availability 2 weeks

Optional dedicated accessories:

  • Stainless steel laboratory stand
  • Laboratory clamp with cross clip clamp holder
  • Kamush® laboratory overhead stirrer
  • Blade stirrer with dedicated flask plug
  • Laboratory ring with cross clip clamp holder

blade stirrer
overhead stirrer
flask plug

For more accessories please visit our Kamush.com website.

Kamush Skiller

Nov 12

A little revolution in peptide synthesis. The only such equipment on the market.

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Syringes vessels

Nov 11

A wide range of vessels with filter in the lowest prices on the market!

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