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Kamysz vessel for solid-phase peptide synthesis

Peptide synthesis vessel

The Kamysz vessel® is a modification of the Merrifield solid-phase reactor, designed for temperature-supported solid phase synthesis.

The shape of the vessel allows to use it in a classic heating block (or devices of the Kamush Skiller series) without the need of transfering the content of the reaction time at an elevated temperature.

Placing the filling in the central part of the Kamysz vessel® enables to work like in the classic Merrifeld vessel (acylation, washing and draining reactions), while allowing the contents of the vessel to be heated in a conventional way (e.g. water bath, heating block) and microwave.

The patented reaction vessel under the name "Kamysz vessel" type B (with ring) is compatible with the CEM Discover and Discover SP microwave reactor. Borosilicate glass provides microwave transmittance.

As a standard, the Kamysz vessels have an inlet port with a GL18 thread, a G2 porous glass filter and a cap with a PTFE coated membrane.

Available models of Kamysz vessels:

SPPS reactor
SPPS reactor

Cat. TYPE A (without ring)
KV2x15 2x15 mL (dia. 16 mm), GL18
KV2x30 2x30 mL (dia. 22 mm), GL18
KV2x45 2x45 mL (dia. 28 mm), GL18
KV2x70 2x70 mL (dia. 40 mm), GL18
KV2x100 2x100 mL (dia. 40 mm), GL18
TYPE B (with ring)
KVR2x10 2x10 mL (16 mm), GL18
KVR2x35 2x35 mL (30 mm), GL18

New (modular) - can be adopted to different tyles of adapters, GL and glass modules, with volumes from 15 mL to 100 mL



  • Rich base of modifications
  • Simple usage
  • Non-protein amino acids available

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